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Material Network is the app that takes the hassle out of finding reliable supliers of building materials. With Material Network, you'll have access to the best builders merchants, the best prices, and the ability to source materials on-demand, no matter where your project takes you.

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How it works

Material Network is the ultimate solution for construction material sourcing, allowing you to search for materials nearby, securely connect with merchants, and save time and money with just a few taps.


Find all the local merchants and building materials you need, fast.


Secure the materials you need, by connecting with trusted merchants, with confidence.


Cut costs and save time, every time you use Material Network.

Features of our app

Experience a seamless material sourcing process with our innovative features.

Material Network app features

Smart Features

Location-based Search

Find what you need, fast with our speedy location based search

User Freindly

Streamline your process with our user-friendly design

Instant Messaging

Stay connected and informed with instant messaging


Never miss an update with our comprehensive notifications system

Pricing plans!

We have the perfect plan for your needs, whether you're a professional builder or just starting out.


Explore the app for free.

  • Search for builders merchants near you
  • Find building materials locally
  • View full merchant profiles
  • Message builders merchants directly
  • Push notifications, so you never miss a deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Material Network is an app that connects builders with local builders' merchants and suppliers in real-time. The app was created to help builders and self-employed construction workers find the materials they need, when they need them, without losing time or money on shortages.

Material Network is easy to use. Simply search for materials based on your location, browse local merchant profiles with ratings and reviews, and message merchants directly in real-time. You can search for merchants and materials for free, and even message merchants directly.

Material Network is designed for builders and self-employed construction workers, but anyone can use the app to search for merchants and materials. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Material Network is the ultimate solution for your materials needs.

Material Network is unique because it connects builders directly with local merchants in real-time, so you can get the materials you need, when you need them. With easy-to-use location-based search, merchant profiles with ratings and reviews, and real-time messaging capabilities, Material Network is the most efficient and effective way to find the materials you need.

No, you can search for materials, merchants and take full advantage of our messaging features for free!

By using Material Network, builders can save time and avoid running out of materials on job sites. The app makes it easy to find local merchants and suppliers, get accurate information about available materials, and place orders quickly and easily. With Material Network, you'll never be left without the materials you need to get the job done.

Yes, you can message merchants directly through the app. You can quickly and easily communicate with merchants, place orders, and get the materials you need, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Get the best deals, direct.

Expereince the power of the Material Network app, with direct connections with local merchants. Enjoy the quickest access to building materials, and peace of mind, knowing that you are getting the best deals, directly from the source.

Material Network app conversation screen
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